The Company commits to be responsible for the environment and has the duties to control and develop environmental protection process continually with the following guidance.

1. Strictly comply with environmental law and other regulations involved with the company. Committed to terms and condition of customers, community, and society by considering these as the important responsibilities for every members of the organization.

2. Commitment to minimize and prevent pollution may arise from activities that could cause affects to environment and ecosystem as well as activities that create hazardous waste, domestic waste, sewage, chemical vapour, dust and others may cause by business activities of the organization.

3. The company performs worthwhile resources allocation and commit in conserve energy and natural resources regarded as the duties of every leadership and employees at all levels of the company.

4. The company considers environmental management as a factor in business activities and commits to maintain and develop efficiency environmental management system that are appropriated to the risk factor in business operation environment and cover to activities related to business partners and stake holders.

5. Disclose policies, management system and information related to environment to the public, interested persons and commit to promote activities that enhance the implement of company environmental policy.