1. Produce goods under international standards, prescribed by law and other related regulations with reasonable prices and on time delivery to meet satisfaction of customers and stakeholders throughout all business supply chains.

2. Prevent and minimize pollution may cause by production activities of goods and services that affect to air, water, soil environment and natural resources. Meanwhile manages systematically starting from selection process in utilizing natural resources, raw material, waste control and take cares of working environment while promotes other development under framework of sustainability to comply with expected norm of stakeholders.

3. Practice and develop 5s system; manage occupational health and safety to minimize, control and prevent situations which may cause the risk to working people, related parties, assets or working environment.

4. Continuously improve and develop energy competency by consideration firstly from product and services selection that use energy effectively and design to improve energy competency for systematic company operation.

5. Create awareness and develop knowledgeable and capable human resources while disclose to employees, subcontracts, stakeholders and public to know.

6. Operate to comply with regulations and implement activities to achieve objective, goal and set up plan by rehearsal and review risks for improvement and development the operation through participating of all departments at all levels in the organization to ensure the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency.